DC is making a shared Vertigo universe more and more unlikely with each new show.


As far as I’ve discovered things to appreciate about every new live-action Vertigo item, I am beginning to get really worried that we will ever find a shared world, that is pretty much required if there must be a Sandman series or film. It could be extremely disappointing if there had been an ongoing show from the Sandman world that was locked from heaps of figures who had originated there, simply as other studios had already re-written them. This becomes increasingly more of a problem as first Constantine and now Lucifer have utilized several of these personalities in rather different ways today. It is not Mazikeen with a face, or just items like Constantine having tattoos that are distinct. Lucifer the series has fully obliterated the politics of paradise to be the fundamental conflict of this series and the world where it happens. That is a departure from the DC comic Vertigo world, where all those battles that are supernatural are moving off and on in the background. Not only are occasions such as wizards dueling from the streets it’s suggested that characters such as Batman and Superman exist out with all of their issues.


When you reach the point at which the Marvel world is this can begin to develop into a problem on a scale. The changes to stories and characters make effects, which cause characters and storylines to be composed out. The whole Planet Hulk narrative arc (among the very popular Marvel has performed lately) has now come to be a subplot into the third Thor film as a result of this. Scenes and characters will need to be cut right and left, to create the story fit.

They’ll encounter problems should they maintain killing off these characters before they arrive or retconning. Since lots of the characters from additional Vertigo show originated in Sandman or even Hellblazer, that is likely to leave them needing to reboot, or perform a massive re-shuffle of timelines and personalities such as Marvel.


When I had been DC, I’d be thinking very difficult right now concerning an anthology series, very similar to The Twilight Zone or even Tales from the Crypt, located from the Sandman world class. Those shows are not popular or very common but it will be to restrain the budget and cast of a show like this on the week. A version of The Sandman regular series could be nearly impossible on TV, as from the Dreaming, easy scenes such as walking down a hallway involve a lot of CG and set layout to become authentic. Characters pop up which makes it tough to coordinate celebrities. You would want the actor playing Cluracan to appear for 2 seconds while you where filming in Ireland take 20 minutes of an episode. It could be a nightmare for want of a better screenplay.

If they maintain borrowing figures any series like that will run into problems. A not-crappy Constantine series would need him to possess run-ins with numerous allies that currently have various motives and connections on the series Lucifer. And of course the characters which were re-written or altered from the picture that is past and show, that you need people to overlook.

Sooner or later, there is going to need to be a story assembly where they draw on lines between bubbles and figure out that shows are likely to intersect. The Vertigo TV world is utter insanity, although they appear to have no problem doing so with Justice League personalities.

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